MayDay: 7116 – Munchkin Dungeon Sleeves – Magnum Oversized Standard (87x112mm)

  • Tipo: Fundas
  • Cantidad: 100
  • Tamaño: 87 mm x 112 mm
  • Color: Transparentes
  • Fabricante: MayDay


Disponibilidad: Hay existencias

Munchkin Dungeon Card Sleeves

These sleeves were expertly crafted to protect all of your 87x112mm cards!

Popular for use with:

  • Munchkin Dungeons™
  • Many more!

Munchkin Dungeon Cards

  • Custom crafted for cards sized: 87x112mm
  • Best fit in the industry!
  • 100% Archival Safe
  • Acid-Free
  • PVC-Free
  • Clear Polypropylene

Others in the industry sell a competing product, but with only 40 per pack and at a much higher price of $5.99! Our sleeves fit better, feel better, are more durable, and are less expensive! Don’t fall for higher priced, lower quality imitations!

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